Childhood Excursions: We’re Going on a Trip! (2023): 
Seven fun piano etudes to develop arm and wrist fluidity

-elementary level-    

Motions taught include drop-lift slurs, elbow/wrist circles, side-to-side, in-and-out, wrist rotation, contrary motion and straight down

Childhood Excursions: We’re Going on a Trip! Music Score (PDF)



Childhood Excursions: We’re Going on a Trip! Music Score (Book) FREE SHIPPING 


A Day at the Beach for solo piano (2021): 
Amy’s musical journey to her favorite places along Hwy 1 in Northern California…

-intermediate to early-advanced levels-

This jazz and Latin-jazz piano suite includes instructional pages on how each song is constructed and encourages performers to explore their own compositional ideas with rhythms like bossa, calypso and boogie-woogie and scales like whole tone, chromatic, blues, and lydian.

A Day at the Beach Music Score (PDF)



A Day at the Beach Music Score (Book) FREE SHIPPING 


1st place: Composers Today 2022 competition

Childhood Excursions: Are We There Yet?! (2022): 
Musical scenes from Amy’s childhood adventures in Ontario and Michigan

-intermediate to early-advanced levels-    

These five etudes for arm and wrist fluidity feel very fun under the fingers! Each song has instructional pages on how to master arm and wrist movements: elbow and wrist circles, wrist rotation, drop-lift slurs, side-to-side, in-and-out, and contrary motion.

Childhood Excursions: Are We There Yet?! Music Score (PDF)



Childhood Excursions: Are We There Yet?! Music Score (Book) FREE SHIPPING 


Scenes of San Francisco (2020): 
Musical impressions of Amy’s favorite places in this grand city

-late-intermediate to advanced levels-

This suite is written in honor of the first responders and essential workers who kept San Franciscans during the 2020 global crisis.  So thankful!

Scenes of San Francisco Music Score (PDF)



Scenes of San Francisco Music Score (Book) FREE SHIPPING 


  • Finalist: American Prize 2022 chamber composition competition

  • 2nd place: Composers Today 2021 competition 

  • Honorable mention (2nd place): International Association of Women in Music’s Search for New Music competition 2021

  • Runner-up: SMP Press 2020 competition

Becoming: Suite for Solo Piano in Seven Movements (2018):

–early-advanced to advanced levels-

Becoming is a deeply personal pilgrimage, chronicling in melody and harmony my walk with my Creator and the accompanying lifelong journey of refinement through stages of innocence, provocation, prayer, celebration, and serenity, all leading ultimately to thanksgiving.

Becoming Music Score (PDF)


Becoming Music Score (Book)

  • Finalist: American Prize 2021 for chamber music performance

  • Honorable mention: Robert Avalon 2020 International composition competition

  • 1st place: Composers Today 2019 competition

  • Runner-up : SMP Press 2019 competition

Becoming album (2018):

Third Stream and contemporary compositions for solo piano by Amy Stephens, David Canfield, Catherine Rollin and Glen Barkman, featuring Amy’s Becoming: Suite for Solo Piano in Seven Movements.


Amy performs all 21 new compositions written by herself and others.

Becoming (composed by Amy Stephens)
1. Innocence 
2. Provocation 
3. Inquietude 
4. Prayer 
5. Celebration 
6. Serenity 
7. Thanksgiving 

Countries of the World (composed by Glen Barkman)
8. Luck O’ the Irish 
9. Antigua 
10. South African Sun 
11. Scottish Pub 
12. French Musette 
13. Tango Argentine 

Five Kitty Sketches (composed by David Canfield)
14. Mewsette 
15. Furmata 
16. Pursiful Apricat 
17. Felicity 
18. Skitter 

City Suite (composed by Catherine Rollin)
19. Prelude 
20. Blues 
21. Toccata 

The Hummingbirds: Solo for One Hand (2022):

-late-intermediate to early-advanced levels-

Amy loved watching two baby hummingbirds grow in a nest in her backyard tree.  It was beautiful to see the mother bird gently care for her young each day.  This expressive ballad can be played with right hand or left hand.  The performer is challenged to play with their non-dominant hand for strength and dexterity.

  • This piece is available in the BRANCHES anthology from Red Leaf Pianoworks with 13 solo piano pieces by contemporary Canadian and American composers.