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Teaching since 1993, Amy holds many degrees from Indiana University School of Music and earned the designation of Nationally Certified Teacher of Music by the Music Teachers National Association. She  received the Top Teacher award from Steinway for 2022 and 2023.

She works with students K-12, from the newest wide-eyed beginner to the seasoned competitor.

All of Amy’s students receive training in reading music fluently, playing by ear, theory, composition, standard classical repertoire, jazz styles and improvisation, and pop and folk music. Intermediate and advanced students will also learn to read from lead sheets and create their own arrangements. Amy’s students can take yearly piano examinations through Music Teacher Association of California and Royal Conservatory of Music and enter regional music competitions.

Many of Amy’s students have earned spots at prestigious college music schools such as Berklee, Eastman, NYU Steinhardt, The New School, USC Thornton, and UCLA. Her very first student from 1993 still happily plays piano!

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Student testimonials:

Thank you for being my amazing piano teacher!!  –N

Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me in the last 8 years!  You have helped me grow into the musician I am today! –S

Top 3 things I like about piano….3. All the fun songs, 2. Ear training, 1. Ms. Amy!!  –A

You are a truly special teacher, mentor and coach.  Thank you for all you’ve done for us.  We’ll never forget you!  –S

You were an amazing piano teacher, but you were also an awesome support.  Not only did you teach me how to play piano, but you taught me to be more confident in my abilities and to keep trying until I get it right. You helped better my memorization and my willingness to try new things.  I will forever remember and cherish my 8 years of piano with you. Thanks again for everything! –T

Not only have you been so patient with me, but your passion for piano has truly driven me to work hard, and I know that the piano will always be a place of comfort for me. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to grow as a musician over the years, thanks to your help.  You have truly made piano such a wonderful experience for me, and I couldn’t thank you enough!  –O

You are so patient, kind and warmhearted, and I’m going to miss you a ton!  I cannot believe this is my final lesson, but I know I’ll continue to keep playing in college and throughout the rest of my life. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without piano!  –E

Thank you so much for being an outstanding piano teacher.  I have learned so much and come so far thanks to you.  I love being a part of your studio and enjoy all performance opportunities.  Thanks to you, I have come to such a passionate love for music!  –K

Thank you for inspiring my daughter.  Her continued interest in piano is the best gift to me!  –M

You are amazing! We really enjoyed listening to all of the students and you at last night’s rectial.  We left feeling so uplifted!  We are forever grateful to have you in our lives. Thank you so much for all of your dedicated work with our girls!  –A

We are always reminding ourselves how lucky we are to have you as our family’s piano teacher and mentor.  Thanks for all the extra work you do with planning events and mixing discipline with humor and positive energy.  –T

I have loved being your piano student these last few years.  Not only did you teach me to play the piano, but you were also patient and encouraging when I was stressed or unfocused.  I really want to thank you so much for being my teacher.  –B