Pianist & Composer

Instantly embraceable jazz

Indy Star

A formidable originator of new music. This is the future of instrumental jazz

Michael Nastos, All Music Guide

This one is a gem.

Peter Westbrook,

Contemporary jazz that is passionate, innovative, engaging and witty….The biggest star on the disc is Stephens, whom I've never met but whose playing is so warm and intimate I feel like I'm best friends with her already.

Steve Hammer, Nuvo

Stephens suggests Keith Jarrett on the keys

Adam Greenburg, All Music Guide

Stephens is a very prolific and melodic composer who is able to allure you with a sophisticated, appealing feel.

Chuck Workman, WTPI-FM

Upcoming Concerts

CAPMT 50th Annual Conference
Redondo Beach, CA
Oct 19, 2018, 7:30pm

“In these uncertain times, music has the power to ascend all boundaries, uniting us, calming us, reminding us of the astounding beauty of this world.” – Amy Stephens